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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Purax® Technology

Purax® is focus on delivering exceptional flavors, so rich and pure through the perfect blend of cotton infused with the finest flavors for an unbeatable experience.

Through Purax®, we prioritize excellence by exclusively using top-graded organic cotton. Through rigorous selection an weaving techniques, we ensure that every fiber meets our uncompromising benchmark.

At Oreco®, we are committed to using only the finest 100% organic cotton fibers in our products. Purax® has been designed to enhance the wicking process, ensuring the most ideal absorption and delivery of e-liquids for more preistine and refined flavors.

The advanced technology of Purax® brings a multitude of benefits, offering more than its ccelerated e-liquid absorptions. Its remarkable enhancement of e-liquid usage and efficiency is another key factor that sets Purax® apart as truly exceptional. As a result, you can relish in a continuous, uninterrupted flow of delight throughout the day. With Purax®, there are absolutely no obstacles or interruptions to impede your seamless enjoyment.

We use Innovation as a tool to bring true value to people...


- Oreco®

Taste the passion and expertise that goes into every single drop of our e-liquid heaven. Purax® guarantees you enjoy flavors so rich, pure, and adored by customers. Each blend is carefully formulated and fine-tuned by local flavorists.